Noussair Mazraoui (1/19)

Kicking things off at #19 is Noussair Mazraoui: a 19-year-old Dutch/Moroccan player who took up an integral role with Jong Ajax last season. Mazraoui is quite the interesting player; he has played a vast number of differing positions for Ajax’s reserve side. He played most often as a centre-midfielder, right-back, and a left-winger, as well as centre-back. Perhaps this is down to Marcel Keizer not quite finding Mazraoui’s true strengths as a player, or simply because he has a wide-ranging set of skills that allow him to marshal a defense one night and run rampant down the wing another.

Noussair Mazraoui’s long shots are certainly worthy of note as I feel they represent the pros and cons of his game. The Leiderdorp-born teenager has scored some amazing goals that prove he’s confident on the ball and has good technique, but it also says something to his overall mentality. Mazraoui feels like he needs to take over the game by scoring the winning goal, but this will often lead to a lost possession at the top level. This is something we’ve seen happen far too much from Hakim Ziyech in the first team. If Mazraoui can capitalize on Keizer’s faith in him with a few cameo appearances in low-importance matches this season, his strengths can certainly overcome the challenges he will face.

Written by Alex Dieker

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Crossbar Post, as well as a writer for AjaxDaily and lover of all things Ajax!