Mees de Wit (2/19)

Ajax’s Under-19 squad had a fantastic 2016/2017 season, finding themselves nine points clear of second-placed PSV at the top of the table by the season’s end. There’s surely a lot of talent packed into the second-to-last step before the first team, and the epitome of that talent is Mees de Wit. A left winger who will probably get some quality playing time with Jong Ajax next season, Mees is a fast, darty, and technically adroit 19-year-old.

De Wit played absolutely out of his mind in the first half of the Under-19 season. His seven goals and two assists in only eight matches helped lead Ajax to an almost-perfect Preliminary Stage (marred only by two draws). I’ll level with you though: Mees began to cool off after the cold winter break. No goals and three assists in nine matches was certainly below the standard he set to start the season, but the winger was nevertheless not involved in one U-19 squad defeat.

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The strongest part of Mees’ game is his crossing ability – he’s ridiculously good at it. Whether it is on the left or right flank, with his strong or weak foot, de Wit always seems to deliver his crosses directly to the heads or boots of his team’s striker. Mees’ ball control and speed allow him to maraud into these advantageous positions to cross, either near the touchline or top of the box, but he’ll need to adapt his dribbling to counter tighter defenders at the professional level. Mees de Wit has the potential to be a first team player at Ajax; this season with Jong Ajax is his chance to prove that.

Written by Alex Dieker

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Crossbar Post, as well as a writer for AjaxDaily and lover of all things Ajax!