Luis Suárez (€26.5 million) (15/20)

“No, I don’t need your card. I’ve already got plenty.” Just one quote muttered by Luis Suárez in a hilarious TV ad by a Dutch hearing aid shop, whom were quick to take advantage of Suárez’ antics on the field in his debut season. Initially, the Uruguayan was much criticized for diving and subsequently received a lot of cards from Dutch referees. But the aggressive and passionate striker eventually turned that page and proved to be one of best strikers to ever grace the white and red.

Suárez finally joined Ajax in 2007 for €7.5 million from FC Groningen, following an earlier rejected offer of €3.5 million and a court case by Suárez against Groningen. He was quite a different player and person from the goal-driven, hyperactive striker he is these days at Barcelona. Back then, a shy and reserved youngster arrived, a kid whom was quiet in the dressing room and was mainly used as a false winger to support Huntelaar.

During his time at Ajax, Suárez grew from being a quiet and shy kid to an outspoken and determined young man. His attitude on and off the pitch followed suit, as he took up the captaincy and quickly became one of the club’s best players ever. In his first season, he scored 17 goals. His second season featured him hitting the net 22 times. Under Martin Jol, he went on to have his best season prior to joining the English Premier League, scoring a ridiculous 35 goals.

Sadly, Suárez’ career at the club is also marred by his aggressive and competitive personality. The drive that got him to where he was also did other things to him, mentally. On the 20th of November 2010, he snapped (quite literally) his jaws at PSV’s Otman Bakkal and was suspended for seven league games. He left the club a few months later for Liverpool in a deal worth €26.5 million, without ever really winning a league title at Ajax.

The rest of Luisito’s career is history, as they say. But who knows, the Uruguayan may very well return to the Johan Cruyff ArenA one day, ready to take the Dutch fields by storm once more.