Kasper Dolberg (19/19)

The man who takes home the crown as Ajax’s most promising teenager is none other than Kasper Dolberg: the Danish sensation. The all-around 19-year-old forward has taken massive strides over the past year since making his first team debut; Dolberg is comfortable in basically every aspect of the striker role. His ball control and passing ability forces defenders to track him deep into the midfield, which allows his teammates to run into open space. Dolberg’s composure when striking the ball, strength when battling defenders, and confidence when pressing makes him undoubtedly the most complete and exciting striker Ajax has possessed for years.

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A symbol of the tenure of Peter Bosz, Kasper Dolberg scored 23 goals and dished out 10 assists in 43 matches in all competitions last season. It is clear that he poses a major goal-scoring threat to defenses not only in the Netherlands, but across Europe as well. Dolberg’s tally of 10 assists goes to show that he’s not only providing a relieving outlet in the midfield but is also making the key passes that create goals. All of this combined with Kasper’s willingness to press hard when out of possession and a strong aerial presence in the box has put the Dane on the mouths of Ajax fans everywhere, as well as those of Europe’s elite clubs’ scouts.

It is probably inevitable that Kasper Dolberg will leave Ajax for a massive pay raise and chance to play against the world’s best at some point in the not-so-distant future. Him staying in Amsterdam this year is crucial for his development, but don’t be surprised if the complete forward is saying goodbye to his teammates in the summer of 2018. To be quite frank, the global market takes these matters out of our hands, so why don’t we just enjoy every Kasper Dolberg dribble, pass, and goal this season; it may be his last with us.

Written by Alex Dieker

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Crossbar Post, as well as a writer for AjaxDaily and lover of all things Ajax!