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Travelling with Ajax: A British Fan’s Guide to European Away Games

Are you debating whether to follow Ajax across Europe? Don’t worry—you’re not alone in having this dream. There are plenty of British Ajax fans who have pictured themselves visiting different countries across Europe as they follow their favourite team on their away day games.

Following Ajax across Europe is an adventure packed with thrilling matches, vibrant cultures, and unforgettable experiences. As a British fan, you get to enjoy top-tier football while exploring some of the continent’s most iconic cities. But how do you get to make the most of this memorable trip?

Keep reading as we dive into how to plan following Ajax to their European away games.

How To Plan Your Trip

Regardless of the type of trip, preparation for going away is a top priority, especially when travelling for away games. As such, once the fixture list for the season has been released, look at the away matches and get a head start on booking flights and accommodation. Look for special deals and packages that combine travel, accommodation, and tickets. Some travel agencies offer packages specifically tailored for football fans.

If you’re wondering why you should book early, early planning often means cheaper deals and more options for places to stay. Since you are planning on attending as many away games as possible, you want to find ways to make the experience as affordable as possible.

Ways To Get Your Tickets

After deciding what games you would love to attend, the next step is getting tickets. Keep in mind that securing tickets for an Ajax away game can be challenging, but thankfully, it is possible with the right approach.

You will want to watch the Ajax official website for ticket sales. However, these often sell out quickly, so you should have backup plans in place. An alternative you can find your Ajax football tickets at Ticket-Compare. Joining a fan club can also increase your chances of getting tickets, as many clubs have allocations for away games and offer priority access to members. Additionally, travel groups dedicated to Ajax fans might have spare tickets and provide a sense of community and safety when travelling abroad.

Why You Should Enjoy the Local Culture

Football away days offer more than just the match; they’re also an opportunity to experience new cultures. This is why you should take time to visit local landmarks, museums, and parks. Try the local cuisine – whether it’s tapas in Spain, pasta in Italy, or schnitzel in Germany, treat your palette to the delectable food on offer.

However, the most important aspect of travelling across Europe and visiting different cities is respecting local customs and traditions and being mindful of cultural differences. For instance, learning a few basic phrases in the local language can go a long way and often endears you to the locals.

How To Navigate the City

What’s your plan for getting around once you have your tickets? A bonus of travelling across Europe is that the public transport in most European cities is generally efficient and cost-effective.

Look into investing in a travel pass for the duration of your stay, which usually covers buses, trams, and metro services. This can often be cheaper compared to buying one-way journeys each time. Taxis and ride-sharing services are also available but can be more expensive, especially during busy periods. Renting a bike is another fun way to see the city and is particularly popular in the Netherlands.

Let The Games Begin

Travelling with Ajax to a European away game is an enriching experience and one that goes far beyond the thrill of football. Once everything is booked, and the time has come to go watch your first match, enjoy the excitement of the matches and the adventure of discovering new cities, all while supporting your favourite team.