Ajax Academy: Another big win for Ajax U19

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Ajax U19 played against Vitesse U19 this Saturday. Earlier this season, Vitesse proved to be a tough opponent for our talents as Ajax U19 drew twice against them: 3-3 in Arnhem and 1-1 in Amsterdam. Brian Brobbey was in the starting line-up once again, and he rewarded the confidence immediately. Within two minutes, he scored the first goal. Vitesse then equalized, after which Brobbey shot Ajax back into the lead one minute before half time. After the break, Vitesse got themselves an equalizer again, but it didn’t take long for Ajax to get the lead back: Jurgen Ekkelenkamp provided a bottom-corner finish to a cross from Boy Kemper. Five minutes later, Serginho Dest scored Ajax’ 4th goal of the afternoon. In the last stages of the match, Danilo Pereira scored twice, with a bycicle kick stealing the show. Next week Ajax will play PSV U19 at home.

Match Summary Vitesse U19 v Ajax U19:
‘2. 0-1 Brian Brobbey
’20. 1-1 Vitesse U19
’45. 1-2 Brian Brobbey
’48. 2-2 Vitesse U19
’51. 2-3 Jurgen Ekkelenkamp
’56. 2-4 Serginho Dest
‘77. 2-5 Danilo Pereira
‘85. 2-6 Danilo Pereira

Starting Line-up:
El Maach; Dest, Van Gelderen, Botman, Kemper; Ter Heide, Ekkelenkamp, Gravenberch; Ylätupa, Brobbey, Kühn. Subs: Gorski, J. Timber, Schön, Kaars, Pereira.


Ajax U17

Ajax U17 faced NEC/FC Oss U17 today. The U17’s had won a midweek cup fixture against Feyenoord U17 (3-1). After a difficult first half, Dave Vos’ team cruised to victory in the second via goals by Venitchio Sint (2) and Naci Ünüvar.

Match Summary Ajax U17 v NEC/FC Oss U17:
’62. 1-0 Venitchio Sint
’78. 2-0 Naci Ünüvar
’80. 3-0 Venitchio Sint

Starting Line-up:
Reiziger; J. Timber, Llansana, Musampa, Douglas; Ünüvar, Q. Timber, Taylor; Maddy, Hansen, Zamani.
Subs: Van den Heuvel, Hoever, Fosu-Mensah, Hoogewerf, Cleonise, Sint.

Ajax U21

Ajax U21’s won against FC Emmen last Friday. The Ajax-talents won 3-2. Kaj Sierhuis scored twice, Ché Nunnely once. This Monday Ajax U21’s are playing a postponed match against NEC. The U21’s won with 2-0 against them one week ago, but they played with a player that wasn’t allowed to start. The FA didn’t communicate it correctly with Ajax.

Match Summary Ajax U21 v FC Emmen:
‘1. 1-0 Kaj Sierhuis
’19. 2-0 Ché Nunnely
’28. 3-0 Kaj Sierhuis
’59. 3-1 Alexander Bannink
’68 3-2 Alexander Bannink

Starting Line-up:
Kotarski; Sanniez, Bergsma, Doekhi, Bakker; De Wit, Matusiwa, Bijleveld; Johnsen, Sierhuis, Nunnely. Subs: Leeuwenburgh, Pasquali, Kühn, Boultam, Dekker, Flemming, Schouten, Sidoel.