The Europa League final looms upon us but Bosz feel’s no pressure

Peter Bosz, speaking with The Independent,┬ásaid his team feels “no pressure” at all as they prepare to face Manchester United in Stockholm on Wednesday.

“No, actually I don’t feel any pressure at all,” Bosz said at his press conference at the Johan Cruyff ArenA. “I see a lot of opportunities, instead of pressure. Everyone has been dreaming of playing this kind of final. So I don’t feel pressure, only a big, big opportunity.”

“It is important to be there in a final again,” Bosz said. “Many in Holland said it was not possible for a Dutch team to play in the final, because of the financial difference in Europe between the big clubs and the Dutch clubs is so big now. But we managed it. Also, I have the feeling in Holland that everyone is proud, not only Ajax supporters but other fans too. I think that’s good for Dutch football.”

Ajax haven’t played in a European Final since their 1996 UEFA Champions League loss to Juventus in the Stadio Olympico, where despite taking the Italians to extra-time, Ajax ended up losing 4-2 on penalties.