Luis Suarez – Still one of the most prolific number 9’s

This player remains one of the most prolific number 9’s of the past decade. He’s made the headlines numerous times throughout his illustrious career (on a few occasions for the wrong reasons), however no one can doubt his talent. Of course I am talking about former Ajax goal scorer Luis Suarez.

The man has bulldozed his way through opposition. Whether it be in Holland, with his national team Uruguay, during his time in England or with Barcelona, Suarez has proved countless times that he can be a nightmare to play against.

While his goal scoring form has dipped in the past 12 months (I say that while being fully aware that he scored a massive 37 goals last season), Luis has continued to get himself in the positions a number 9 should be in. Making runs and properly positioning himself to receive the ball is what you would ask for from your main forward. If he can still do that, he’s on his game.

A problem that the Uruguayan has been facing since the second half of last season has been putting the ball into the back of the net. As mentioned, he did manage to score 37 goals in the last campaign but it could have and should have been more. While still getting into fantastic goal scoring positions, he has missed far too many chances which a forward of his caliber should be putting away.

That “poor” run of form has somewhat continued this season. While looking much more fit and mobile, many of his chances remain missed opportunities. At times, it’s not only that he wouldn’t score but it would be the manner in which he he would miss. Taking Barcelona’s recent 3-0 win away to Girona on the weekend as an example, the Uruguayan talisman found the back of the net and played a massive part in his team’s second goal (letting the ball run through his legs and passed the goalkeeper into the net).

In the first half, he received a great pass from Andres Iniesta and while being in an excellent position in front of goal, shot the ball well wide of the goalkeeper. He later redeemed himself with a well deserved goal in the second half after being sent through one on one against the goalkeeper.

The tancity and never say die attitude from Luis remains in tact. The hunger to chase every ball and unselfishness is always there. He has the coach’s confidence as he remains the starting striker for Barcelona and he even now shares the free kick responsibilities with Lionel Messi.

Barcelona are in Portugal to play Sporting Lisbon this week in the Champions League and it would not be a surprise to see Suarez’s name on the scoresheet.