It’s time we start believing in the impossible

They did it. They did it anyway, even though I asked them – BEGGED them – not to. But here they are once more: Ajax are back in the title chase. They have given us hope. I already gave up about seven times this season, and yet they keep feeding us a little bit of optimism. And now, after we’ve won five points on Feyenoord in the space of seven days, we’re bound for a thrilling season finale.

The next six weeks will end up unbelievable or very, very disappointing. At the end of May, we could be champions of the Netherlands, while also completing an impressive run in the Europa League (which, as we all know, is amazingly important for teams who compete in it and absolutely no-one else). However, I’m still very afraid none of those things will happen. I strongly believe we won’t win the title, and I strongly believe we will lose against Schalke 04.

All of that, in spite of some of the things that are going so well lately.

Despite Schalke having a terrible season. I went and saw them back in January (amazing stadium, visit it when you have the chance) and they were atrocious. Completely incompetent going forward while also having at least three gaping holes in their defense at any given moment in the game. But, just because the name Schalke was somewhat relevant before the last two or three years, I am really thinking we’ll lose.

Despite Feyenoord having a complete and utter mental breakdown, no matter how hard they are shouting that they don’t. I’ve experienced a similar breakdown as a fan, back in 2014 when Liverpool bottled their very rare title run, and Feyenoord are showing very similar signs (including a captain who claps his hands literally all the time and a striker they can’t live without). They have to be scared. They are going to slipp up. But still…

Despite this team being the most fun in years. The most fun since Suarez left probably. There are more likeable players than ever, we actually attack every now and again and we’re on course to match Frank de Boer’s best point tally, while also already progressing further in Europe than we ever did under Peter Bosz’s predecessor. And yet, still, we (and me included) all predict nothing but doom and gloom.

We’ve made process the last months. Whether we win anything or not, I believe this is a squad and a season we can build on. I think it’s time to forget about last year (which is one of the main reasons everyone is scared sh*tless the next six weeks), let go of that Frank de Boer-anxiety, build a little self respect. It’s time to go to the Amsterdam ArenA for at least three more times this year. And it’s time to sing. Louder than ever. Drop the negativity. Just be an all-out naive Ajacied the next weeks.

Because every football-dream starts with believing.

And I think I’m ready to do that.

Written by Lukas Schroder

Lukas writes every Wednesday for AjaxDaily. His love for Ajax is only transcended by his hate for Nemanja Gudelj. Got called 'The worst writer of all time' on Twitter once. Wears that like a badge.