Why I’m ready for the new season

Well, I’m back from holiday, which could not have been timed better. First of all because we got knocked out by Nice and I’m tired of writing the same article about Overmars over and over again, and you must be tired of reading it. Second of all, I really wasn’t in a place to write about trivial issues such as our lack of a f*cking left back ever since what happened to Appie. I wrote an article about that, and I was sort of done with writing about Ajax for a while.

That has changed, though.

Not because I stopped thinking about Appie. There hasn’t been a day I haven’t felt sad about him for at least a couple of minutes. That will not change for some time. We could win the treble this year, and the season would still be a failure. I can safely say this has already been one of the darkest seasons in the history of Ajax, and the competition hasn’t even started yet.

No, the reason I’m ready to write about stupid sh*t again, is because football is finally coming back this weekend. And god, it’s been a while since May 24th, the day of the Europa League-finale. Of course, we’ve played some Champions League-matches against those French baguette-munching sh*ts, but I usually don’t count matches I have to watch from my holiday destination. And I’m sort of tired of European football anyway. That sh*t keeps hurting me, so we’re on a break.

I crave some serious Excelsior – FC Utrecht mediocrity. I miss realizing how terrible the Dutch league has become. I miss laughing at PSV for drawing against VVV Venlo, only to do the exact same thing next week. I even miss stupid pundits saying that Feyenoord really miss the Kuyt-experience, even though the average age of the squad is still 27 and Kuyt literally started training with the first squad again because his wife is sick of his face around the house.

I miss bragging to my friends about being paid money to watch football matches, only to become suicidal when I watch Sparta – AZ. I miss going to the stadium, sharing my frustrations with 50,000 other strangers and hugging someone I don’t know when Dolberg scores. I miss drawing away at FC Groningen. I miss complaining about Joel Veltman, but also not wanting him to leave. I miss Davinson dancing. And I’m sick and tired of praying Dolberg, Ziyech and Sánchez won’t leave.

Come at me, 2017/18. I’m f*cking ready.

Written by Lukas Schroder

Lukas writes every Wednesday for AjaxDaily. His love for Ajax is only transcended by his hate for Nemanja Gudelj. Got called 'The worst writer of all time' on Twitter once. Wears that like a badge.