Continuous failure will no longer be accepted

So, last week was pretty f*cking sh*t now, wasn’t it? Peter Bosz left, Joel Veltman suddenly contemplating leaving, Davy Klaassen on his way to Everton, plus one more reveal that the organization within the club is an absolute sh*tshow. My article last week was pretty pessimistic, and I still feel that way. However, there are some positive things that I have experienced the last days, and because my therapist says I should be less negative, I will try to be optimistic this week.

First of all, Marcel Keizer played some eye-catching football with Jong Ajax. It shows he likes attacking football, and is capable of producing this kind of plays if he has the right material available. I think he can do a great job, as long as the real coalition of chaos (Aron Winter, Hennie Spijkerman and Dennis Bergkamp) doesn’t f*ck him up too bad. Besides, he’s a cousin of Piet Keizer, and has one of the most amazing Amsterdam-accents I’ve heard in years.

He might not be the most exciting of choices for the mainstream audience, but it’s a big relief that the Technical Heart (but really, f*ck that term) have at least shown to make a thought-out decision. Keizer also has the big advantage that he’s not Jaap Stam, or, god forbid John van de Brom, which earns him a lot of extra credit with me. Which means I will give him some time to adapt before I start calling for his head.

Just like I did with Peter. Who I miss dearly.

I want Keizer to do well. First of all – obviously – because I want Ajax to do well. All the sh*thousery put aside, it’s still the best and most beautiful club in the world and we deserve some happiness. We have gone too long without a league title and I’m sick of that, so I want Keizer to do well. I also want him to succeed because he seems like a nice guy with some very exciting ideas about playing football, and that should be rewarded.

But right here, and right now, a distinction should be made. The rest of the organization, meaning the staff and the board of directors, can go f*ck themselves. I’m absolutely done just accepting that they are a part of this club. For me, they have crossed the line this time. I’m done making excuses for them, and I’m done accepting their continuous failure. That needs to be said.

So, good luck Marcel. Let’s hope I remember your first name in August, instead of checking whether it’s Martijn or Marcel every five seconds. I hope you do well, but with the kind of colleagues you are going to get, it’s going to be damn difficult.

Written by Lukas Schroder

Lukas writes every Wednesday for AjaxDaily. His love for Ajax is only transcended by his hate for Nemanja Gudelj. Got called 'The worst writer of all time' on Twitter once. Wears that like a badge.